Posted on: September 4, 2008 5:24 am

Obama vs. McCain should race be an issue?

I was watching the 2008 Republican National Convention in Minnesota as Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin was giving her acceptance speech. Palin kept saying that Obama is not truly qualified to be the next United States President because he does have Executive and/or Leadership experience, she also said that Obama will not be ready and/or prepared to handle a national or world crisis or disaster, I agree with Ms. Palin that McCain is better prepared to handle emergencies, disasters, and a crisis at a moments hand. John McCain has served as a U.S. War Veteran, and a U.S. Senator, he has the experience to lead our country without a doubt and I hate to say this but it has nothing to do with him being white. On the other hand, the Democrats would like to point out that Obama has leadership skills as well but he has a little bit of a disadvantage being a minority, the main reason the Obama supporters and the Democratic Party says that is because in the long run McCain is going to win hands down and the Obama team know it. What we as a country should do is just look at Barack Obama and John McCain and not bring into play their skin color and/or their ethnicity just look at their overall qualifications that way American voters will select the best choice for President. 
Posted on: August 20, 2008 6:01 am

Green Bay Packers bad luck its their own fault!

I am very happy to see that veteran NFL quarterback, Brett Favre has found himself a new team the New York Jets and a new home "The Big Apple." So as the 2008 National Football League season begins if the Favre and Jets have a great season and end up going to the AFC playoffs while on the other hand Aaron Rodgers cannot fill Favre shoes and talent at that and the Packers just plain do not play well and end up having another losing season with no NFC playoffs whatsoever. The Green Bay Packers and their fans can only blame themselves because the Packers head coach, general manager, and president had the power to reinstate Favre from retirement for one more season that could have led Green Bay to the Super Bowl but as a result of a lack of communication, the New York Jets took full advantage of the situation and as a result, fans can now purchase Brett Favre #4 New York Jets football jersey on the internet. Well Green Bay Packers fans bring some extra beer and wine to eat with your cheese to prepare for an upcoming NFL season of disappointment.


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